Venice’s Great White coming to Melrose

Venice’s popular Great White cafe is coming to WeHo.

The trendy cafe will open at 8917 Melrose Avenue, between Almont and La Peer. Great White serves a unique combo of wood-fired pizzas, fish and chips and other sustainably sourced offerings.

The Venice establishment was opened in 2017 by two Australians, Sam Trude and Sam Cooper. The Melrose location will be their third expansion.

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1 year ago

This looks awesome!!! I can’t wait.
+ this will provide the Mayor another ribbon cutting. Thank goodness, ‘cause she’ll need something to do until city hall finally opens and council meeting go in-person again at the end of July. Win-win.

Scott Sigman
Scott Sigman
1 year ago

Not fond of a sign with the name on the street
Just make a neon sign that’s a great white shark. Otherwise?

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