Don’t miss this outdoor music, art and drag show tonight

Big Sunday is hosting an outdoor music and art show tonight from 7-9pm at their headquarters at 6111 Melrose.

Up-and-coming local artists, music ensembles and drag performers will be featured during this LA PRIDE/Pride Makes A Difference-affiliated event.

Admission is free with a donation of one of the following items:

  • Non-perishable food items
  • New socks and underwear
  • New footwear
  • Hygiene products

All donated items will be distributed to youth facing housing insecurities and families that have been severely affected by the pandemic.

Here are the featured artists and performers:

Elektra LaKill


Elektra LaKill is a proud Trans Latina drag queen and activist from the San Fernando Valley. She often works with queer organizations like Somos Familia Valley to create queer inclusive events, provide outreach and resources, and uplift the BIPOC LGBTQ+ community. She aims to entertain audiences but also to empower and incite change to protect our community.

Ayan the Makeup Mariachi


Pronouns: they/she | elle/ella
Ayan Vasquez-Lopez (The Makeup Mariachi) is a non-binary Latinx mariachi musician, makeup artist, media producer, and drag performer based in Los Angeles, California. Through her work, Ayan strives to create authentic representation for queer brown gender non-conforming Latinx people in media and in real life. You can follow Ayan online to learn more about things like makeup, pronouns, and social activism!


Violet Bloom

Violet Bloom is a local trans femme drag artist who blends together sex appeal, 90s grunge, and gamer culture. She has performed across LA county and OC over her years in drag. During the pandemic, Violet rose to popularity with her weekly Instagram drag show “Cyber Sex.” Ms. Bloom aspires to spread a message of positivity and encourages people to try bangs.

Johnny Sin-Rosa Gentleman

Johnny Sin-Rosa Gentleman, the only son of the Haus of Sin, labels himself “The Last Gentleman in LA”. Being a trans masculine non-binary person, he wants to show that anyone can be a gentleman. He is currently the reigning Mr. LA PRIDE 2021 and working to bring visibility for the trans, non-binary, and Latinx community.

Serena Infiniti

Serena Infiniti is a dancing comedic powerhouse who puts the audience as her number one priority in drag. Throughout her years, her mission was to always celebrate black culture within her art and to uplift people who didn’t feel like they had a voice. Her inspirations are Beyoncé, Teyana Taylor & Tamar Braxton


Malli [Jasmine] is a 4 piece Neo-Soul and Folk inspired group that aspire to tell stories through music. Each show is a unique narrative inspired by their roots and spaces they occupy in the world. This lends to the music they create and choose to cover. Their continuous experimentation and hunt for new influences aspire to leave the listener with a different experience every time.

Mana Contractor – Vocals
Arsh Sood – Guitar
Navneet Rao – Drums
Grant Royer – Bass


LA 4

LA 4 is a 4 piece L.A based Latin music project lead by Cuban singer Whitney Hernandez, bringing the best of Latin music and rhythms from the Caribbean.

Whitney Hernandez – Voice
Juan Moreno – Percussion
David Gomez – Bass
Fermin Sifontes – Piano


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