Design next year’s Pride cover image

The City of West Hollywood’s Arts Division invites any and all artists to create a design that celebrates the theme of this year’s One City One Pride Arts Festival. The selected winner will win an award of $650 and the opportunity to display their artwork to thousands of people as part of the One City One Pride promotional campaign.

Each year the City of West Hollywood produces 40 days of LGBTQ-related arts, educational, and cultural events to celebrate Pride month between Harvey Milk Day (May 22) through the end of June (June 30). The festival comprises film screenings, exhibitions, theatre, dance, music, installation art, literary events, and more. To see an archive of previous year’s programs please visit:, (2019), (2018), or (2017).

The theme for the City of West Hollywood’s 2022 One City One Pride LGBTQ Arts Festival is “With Liberty, Diversity, Inclusion, and Progress For All.”

Design submissions must incorporate this theme.


We are seeking booklet cover design submissions that can also be used on a variety of media. Most prominently, your design will be used as the cover of a booklet measuring 4.25″ x 7″ (portrait orientation) of which several thousand copies will be printed and distributed widely.

Your design will also be adapted for street banners (measuring 35″ W by 72″ H) which will be seen by thousands as they drive through West Hollywood.

Submissions should be 4.25″ W x 7″ H. Ideal submissions will have a neutral background of a single color that is either dark or light so that readable text can be placed over it and be designed with a 1 inch bleed.

We request that posters be submitted both as a low-rez jpg and as a hi-res PSD or PDF file of at least 600 ppi.

All submission must incorporate the following or leave ample space for inclusion of the following:

1) These 2 logos:

  • a) City of West Hollywood Logo,
  • b) One City One Pride Logo

2) The following words:

  • The City of West Hollywood Presents
  • One City One Pride LGBTQ+ Arts Festival
  • May 22 – June 30
  • @WeHoArts

In the spirit of inclusivity, if your submission features images (realistic or abstract) of people or parts of people (i.e., hands, faces, etc) your submission should either feature a diverse group of people both racially/ethnically and along the gender spectrum, or not be attributable to any specific gender or race. Of course, we welcome submissions which do not feature any people as well.

Your submission should not include any religious or commercial iconography or brands.

Artists who live in West Hollywood and artists of color, women, artists with disabilities, and LGBTQIA+ artists are highly encouraged to apply.

If you have additional questions you can contact One City One Pride coordinator Mike Che at

For reference and inspiration here are some images of the winning submissions from past years:

OCOP Posters

OCOP Posters

  • 2020 and 2021, Artist: Joan Cox
  • 2019, Artist: Irina Yushmanova
  • 2017 and 2018, Artist: John Johnston
  • 2016, Artist: Ricky Serrano
  • 2015, Artist: Chris Begay
  • 2014, Artist: Stefana Lapadat
  • 2013, Artist: Elissa Baldissera

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Pride vs. Dignity
Pride vs. Dignity
1 year ago

A prideful person can be defined as one with an unduly high opinion of oneself. It is one who is arrogant and tends to be haughty. There can also be positive attributes of dignity and self respect which are acquired by learning and demonstrating the qualities. They are easily recognizable and don’t necessarily need banners or parades.

1 year ago

One city, one pride? I thought our pride celebration has splintered into groups?

1 year ago
Reply to  JF1

One Pride-Four Flags


[…] If you have additional questions you can contact One City One Pride coordinator Mike Che at [email protected]. […]

1 year ago

How many more colors have been added for next year?

Jerome Cleary
Jerome Cleary
1 year ago

The most important part of the story is missing when is the deadline for people to submit?

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