Job Fair hosted by Chamber filled with local job possibilities

Need a job? There was no better place to find one than the Job Fair hosted by the West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce this week. Local West Hollywood businesses showed up to offer positions of all types.

Genevieve Morrill, President and CEO of the Chamber could be seen at the entrance enjoying the job fair and welcoming all the guests.

Local companies and their representatives filled the space at 7626 Santa Monica Blvd. soon to be converted into a cannabis consumption lounge. On hand of G.O.A.T. were owners screening applicants. All ‘job seekers’ were able to get a raffle ticket for each booth they attended and prizes were announced throughout the day.

Exhibitors and positions included:

1 Hotel West Hollywood
 Dishwashers, Cooks, Front Desk, Housekeepers, Managers, Busser, Engineer, Host, Concierge

Cecconi’s West Hollywood
Servers/Bartenders, Dishwashers, Cooks, Managers, Culinary Management, and F & B Managers

Fiesta Cantina/Cabo Cantina
Servers/Bartenders, Dishwashers, Cooks, Managers, Host, and Security

GOAT Global

​The h.wood Group

Servers/Bartenders, Dishwashers, Cooks, Administration, Managers, and Office Administration

Innovative Dining Group
Hiring all positions

JVS SoCal / WeHoWorks

Kimpton La Peer Hotel
Servers/Bartenders, Cooks, Front Desk, Housekeepers, Valet Attendant, and Busser

The London West Hollywood at Beverly Hills
Servers/Bartenders, Cooks, Front Desk, Housekeepers, and Managers

Mondrian Los Angeles
Servers/Bartenders, Front Desk, Administration, and Security

OLS Hotels & Resorts/ Springboard Hospitality
Cooks, Front Desk, Housekeepers, and Maintenance Engineer

Pavilions Grocery Store
Deli Clerks, Cake Decorator, and Stockers

Rosaline Restaurant
Servers/Bartenders, Administration, Managers, Executive Management, Bussers and Runners

Sunset Marquis Hotel
Servers/Bartenders, Dishwashers, Cooks and Pantry, Executive Assistant to GM, Night Auditor, Sous Chef, Receiving Clerks, Painter, Building Maintenance lll – Engineering Department

Treston Security Services
Security Officers

Urban Design Opportunity Center

Veterans Stand Together
Vocational Training/Placement

Warby Parker
Sales Associates & Certified Opticians

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Dawn Lacey
Dawn Lacey
1 year ago

Don’t work!!! Just have more children. You’ll get more money per month than working. $300 per child per month! Working is not encouraged. Just pop out some more children and ask Uncle Sam for more money!!!! You shouldn’t have to work if u have more children.

1 year ago
Reply to  Dawn Lacey

I know your comment was sarcastic but I just want you to know children typically cost more than $300/month.

Dave beckton
Dave beckton
1 year ago
Reply to  greeneyedguy

Honey you comment a lot. I think you need a job. Also if you can’t afford kids, don’t have them. If I couldn’t afford a dog, I wouldn’t adopt one. It’s called personal responsibility. But dumb liberals like you believe it’s everyone else’s responsibility to take care of others under the guise of “compassion”. California is dying and you know it, sweetie. It’s the Uber rich and Uber poor. For the 5th largest economy you think they could do better. But keep your green eyes slanted to a world that is not a reality, keep spewing your BS. I’m praying… Read more »

Cy Husain
1 year ago
Reply to  Dave beckton

And may the Easter Bunny bless you!🐰 He’s completely justified in calling out hateful and mendacious welfare myths and, doing an excellent job. There are WORK requirements for any SNAP recipients who do NOT have children and, for those who do the benefits do NOT exceed the expenses of having children. If you spend half your time complaining about “lazy bums NOT working” and the other half complaining about “service workers getting a living wage,” YOU ARE THE PROBLEM

1 year ago
Reply to  Dave beckton

Damn, you spent a lot of time thinking about me 😂
I also agree that you shouldn’t have kids if you can’t afford them so i’m not sure why you went on a rant about that.

I have a job, but thanks for your concern!

Josh Kurpies
Josh Kurpies
1 year ago
Reply to  Dawn Lacey

Welcome to West Hollywood @DawnLacey10 — How’s Newark, DE?

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