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First performed in 1588, John Lyly’s “Gallathea” is a queer love story set inside the landscape of classical myth. In order to avoid being sacrificed to Neptune, Gallathea and Phillida are sent into the forest dressed as boys where they meet and fall in love. Meanwhile, three shipwrecked brothers set out to seek their fortunes, Cupid stirs up his usual trouble, nymphs fall for mortals, and Diana and Neptune prepare for the ultimate showdown, but maybe Venus will save the day in this playful pastoral.

Director: Collette Rutherford; Featuring: Ben Carroll, Alexandra Demaio, Dominique Fatu, Caroline George, Shirley Ritter Hatton, Taylor Hawthorne, Ben Lupejkis, Kristofer Mikal, Skip Pipo, Zaire Martinez Roldan, Kevin Michael Shiley and Tori Zaitonia

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We are Infinite Jest Theatre Company, Los Angeles’ only all comedic theatre company. Producing since 2014, our members are all talented artists, primarily with theatre backgrounds, who have come together in the desire to create great art in a collaborative and supportive environment. We believe that theatre should be accessible to all and is an integral part of a well-rounded society and, whatsmore, we believe that making people laugh is good, noble work that will make the world a better place, so putting our skills to work cracking jokes, making faces, talking in funny voices, and pratfalling while taking pies to the face seemed the way to go.

Questions? Please email or call (323) 848-6360

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