20 things we’re thankful for

  1. City Hall is open again (mostly). 
  2. Project Angel Food, which served its 14th million meal this year and just last week named a new CEO. This organization is a bright light for countless people suffering from life-threatening issues, and it’s a particular blessing around the holidays.
  3. That we’ll have to start putting our food waste into the green trash bin. New laws set to take effect soon will greatly reduce what ends up in California landfills — and a little extra effort on our will make mounds of difference.
  4. Lynn Hoopingarner and the Planning Commission. Chairperson Hoopingarner relishes every opportunity to quash the arrogance and corner-cutting too often seen in developers applying to have their projects approved. West Hollywood’s future is on solid ground with her at the helm.
  5. The West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, which has stood its ground looking after the interests of small, independent WeHo businesses, even as organized labor has found a new BFF in City Hall. 
  6. Britney is free.
  7. WeHo has the highest minimum wage in the country and, simultaneously, is the “Most Business Friendly City” in LA County. We’re not sure how that works, but hey, why not?
  8. The Pride parade is coming back next year.
  9. There’s still time to stop the 8850 Sunset Project.
  10. The Tail of the Pup is getting a sequel.
  11. Free plastic straws will finally be extinct in WeHo.
  12. Mayor Meister isn’t afraid to speak her mind or stand as the sole voice of dissent
  13. California survived the recall.
  14. Ed Buck finally got his day in court.
  15. The Connie Norman Trans Empowerment Center is up and running.
  16. Even with 24-Hour Fitness gone, we’ll still be able to work out in style.
  17. WeHo’s community garden is getting growing again.
  18. We will have a new voice on City Council next year (but who??) 
  19. The Pride Walk/Ride, a grass-roots event organized on the fly by Troy Masters and Marna Deitch, proved that you don’t need to spend a million bucks to turn heads and raise awareness
  20. Out on Robertson is a thing of the past.
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1 year ago

At least West Hollywood is not the most hated city in the world.

As for the United States of America, we are now considered the second most hated country in the world. North Korea is number one Last year the USA was number five.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Last edited 1 year ago by #OMGnomoreSHEo
Rudi Logan
Rudi Logan
1 year ago
Reply to  #OMGnomoreSHEo

Cite, please. Or go back to sleep under your copy of the New York Post.

Hoopengarner & Meister
Hoopengarner & Meister
1 year ago

Lynn Hoppengarner is a most valuable voice on the Planning Commission with verifiable expertise and scope concerning the city past, present and future. Some of her wisdom resides in her DNA. Her professional maturity and experience is evident in how she analyses a project from a micro/ macro point of view. Lynn Hoopengarner and Lauren Meister are able to communicate on these latitudes without self interest. They are most valuable in providing a rudder to the city whereas although the founding fathers had social objectives they had no expertise in development and historic preservation. Other city council members seem more… Read more »

Woody McBreairty
Woody McBreairty
1 year ago

I certainly agree, Both Lauren & Lynn are top-of-the-line “public servants”
Good dependable people of good character

1 year ago

I’m thankful to live in a forward-thinking city.

Steve Martin
Steve Martin
1 year ago

We are glad that Mayor Mesiter has the courage of her convictions and does not simply go along to get along.
But let’s not forget that Lauren is also the first to try to build consensus and meet her colleagues halfway. She brings a voice and viewpoint that would otherwise but be absent which makes us especially Thankful.

Weho an
Weho an
1 year ago

And thank you WEhoville for telling the stories of the day better then ever.

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