The stories that got you talking in 2021

A smattering of the most-talked about articles on Wehoville — and the comments that drove the discussion.

WATCH: Armed robbery on Melrose Ave. – Sept. 9

Arriving ahead of California’s gubernatorial recall election, this startling video footage ignited a torrent of comments revealing many residents’ fears about safety and security, and how they figure into the country’s direction as a whole.

“NOT sorry to be a NIMBY but this will get worse if we have subway stations in West Hollywood. Look at Cookies. Just at our border on Melrose.”

We are lucky to have LA County services. If you call the sheriff, ambulance, or fire, they are here in 5 minutes. But if you live north of the Sunset Strip and an emergency happens. It can take up to 30 minutes for the LAPD or fire/emergency to reach you from Hollywood. Thanks to the incompetent Mayor Garcetti, who is being shipped off to India.

I was fired for supporting Trump, says former WeHo Bistro server in lawsuit

This court case inflamed partisan tensions still left over from election six months prior. The lively discussion brought up issues concerning First Amendment rights, sexual orientation, workplace discrimination … and, of course, the previous president.

The older Weho crowd is still trying to fight culture wars from the ‘80s. They are incapable of change.

Please take Trump out of the equation. It doesn’t matter what political candidate the employer supports is or what candidate the employee supports. Fact of the matter is, an employee’s work environment should not be made more unpleasant because of which candidate is supported. Harassment in the work place is wrong and it’s against the law. PERIOD. All this other nonsense is totally BS.

Just another Hollywood Victim! Boo-Hoo! Joining the ranks of other actors and actresses that want to tell “their truth.” The answer is directly in the story: Looking for monetary compensation. Does that include a book deal, a movie deal? Mr. Bliven worked in a Gay establishment. If you can’t handle working in a Gay establishment when you’re straight, then don’t work there. Don’t blame the Gays.

Oh please, Mary. If your boss can’t stand to see your face one more day, you don’t have any right to continued employment. Even Trumpsters understand “right to work” laws.

WeHo may give reparations to Black residents for housing discrimination in last century

City Council’s decision to spend big on a historical racism study and (possibly) compensate Black residents for the redlining that occurred long before the city’s incorporation got many people talking. Was it a worthy move to right old wrongs or just poor prioritizing?

“I whole heartedly support reparations. However, this is not a City of West Hollywood issue to correct. Reparations are for the County of Los Angeles to fund and distribute. The years cited for reparations, 1919 to 1969, the city was not incorporated and our 1.9 mile metropolis was part of Los Angeles County. The City of West Hollywood needs to get its history correct. And before I’m painted as a bigot, stop. I am not nor have I ever been. The City needs to tackle city business and issues that originated from 1984 to the present.

Elderly driver crashes into OutZone

OutZones will soon be a permanent feature of WeHo streets, but many residents wish it weren’t so. A recent car crash underlined many of their safety concerns.

While I am not superstitious, perhaps this is a sign. Fortunately no diners were hurt but had this accident happened at another time this could have been very tragic. Clearly the City is liable for this design flaw and it calls into question the safety of the Out Zones as currently configured. 

If the city is going to give public land to the restaurant owners for free, the owners of those restaurants should at least be required to clean the sidewalks between the restaurant and the outzone on a regular basis.

Yogurt Stop goes public about their dispute with landlord. Deal to sell falls through

This story touched a chord with fans (and non-fans) of the popular yogurt outlet, as well as with many business owners struggling in the midst of the pandemic.

Hey ladies what a shame you are getting harassed for CHIPS (which I buy many, many times) Every small business has every right sell. My friends and I always have our cheat days there. We love your amazing selection of chips and candy — and when I try to be good, I always go to your vegan cookies. Please, please, please don’t give up or change a thing. All my friends will continue to support you. Yogurt Stop forever! #freeyogurtstop

Survey: Viper Room project ‘belongs in Dubai, not WeHo’

People hated the PDC Red building too. Now where are those critics?

Lt. Moulder: Cookies ‘needs to move out of the area’

Paul Koretz, Mayor Garcetti and the City of Los Angeles:
Lt. Moulder and the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department have spoken!
Commissioner Tod Hallman and City of West Hollywood have spoken!
The people of West Hollywood and Los Angeles have spoken!
Please remove this horrendous excuse of a business, Cookies so we can all live our lives safely and soundly again! We are good, tax-paying citizens! We demand action now! Already!

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