Residents weigh in on Almont cul-de-sac

At yesterday’s community meeting, residents who expressed their opinions and supported Alternative Plan #1 for the Almont cul-de-sac make-over.

Residents liked the simpler and less whimsical Alternative Plan #1 with matching pavers across the alley and across Almont. Bollards (that can be remotely lowered by emergency vehicles when access is needed) would replace the current chain, and new large planters with slow growth trees would sit atop leveled concrete platforms. The sidewalks from Melrose to the cul-de-sac would be re-done and a couple of benches were proposed along the way.

Some residents expressed concern with the benches and a suggestion to replace them with chairs was brought up. The replacement of the chain with bollards made some neighbors uneasy because it would then allow motorcycle access through the cul-de-sac. But city representatives pointed out that Almont Drive is a designated bicycle route and bike passage must be considered. 

City staff took notes of all our suggestions. Further review and adjustments can be expected before this project goes before the City Council at a later date for approval. Completion is expected sometime in 2023.

Residents are encouraged to make comments and suggestions on these design proposals by contacting the City’s Neighborhood Traffic Management Program Specialist Walter Davis at (323) 848-6328 or
Thank you for your support and commitment to your neighborhood.


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