WE KNOW WEHO: Felicia Terwilliger and LIV

Women’s History Month is celebrated throughout the month of March, and We Know WeHo is featuring woman-owned businesses on the podcast as their guests in March.  Felicia Terwilliger is the owner of a wellness business called LIV that offers infrared sauna treatments.   

Felicia is originally from Rhode Island and found her way to West Hollywood via San Francisco where she worked solely at consumer startups.  She has always been an athlete and had a dream to build and operate her own business in the wellness industry. 

Felicia opened LIV in October of 2021 down towards the east side of West Hollywood at 7918 Santa Monica Blvd, and worked as the sole employee for the first few months after LIV opened its doors.   Tracy reveals her biohacker personality and does a bit of a deep dive with Felicia on the benefits of infrared sauna sessions.  Mikey is new to the concept entirely, but is interested in learning about the benefits – especially those that could impact him personally and help with his Everest training.

LIV also offers a cold plunge to help decrease inflammation after getting your sweat on.  Mikey thinks he can handle three minutes in the tub where the water temperature is 45 degrees, but Tracy thinks she is going to need a lot more than special breathing techniques to take the plunge! 

There is a lot of scientific research out there, so be sure to do your own discovery, but infrared has been known to help those suffering from autoimmune disease, lower depressions and anxiety, increase deep sleep, and burn up to 600 calories in 30 minutes.  You can use code TRYLIV for 50% off your first session if you want to give it a try!

Tracy shares a night of art up on Sunset Blvd at the Andaz and Mondrian Hotels, both exhibits are currently on display and open to the public for your viewing pleasure.  The Grafton has undergone a transformation, and has become a Ziggy Hotel, and has a very cool rock n roll vibe in their lobby bar. 

Tracy and Mikey love hamburgers, and that’s good news with the newest burger concept “Uncool Bar” opening just kitty corner to LIV in the Whole Food business complex with some reportedly amazing eats! It’s March, help support our woman-owned businesses in West Hollywood including Pura Vita, Yogurt Stop, LIV, Grande Maison, Atacama Home, Carrie’s Pilates, Sutton Concept and Aeon Botanika (opening soon).

Keep an eye out on the instagram @weknowweho_official for fun wine events underway at V Wine Room and bonus monthly We Know Vino wine episodes and valuable beauty tips on hair from the B2V Salon crew.

Sunset Strip Hotel Art Walk:

  • Rod Benson Art at the Andaz West Hollywood
  • Justin Prough Art at the Mondrian
  • Art Lounge Collective by K Ryan Henisey


  • Tacos Tu Madre
  • Merois by Wolfgang Puck at Pendry West Hollywood
  • Uncool Bar

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About Tracy Paaso & Maxine Tatlonghari
Weho resident Tracy Paaso loves food, fitness and fashion, and what better place to find all those things than West Hollywood? The former West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce employee was closely involved with the business community on a day-to-day basis and wants to share her insight, experiences and tips to help keep people in the know. She started the podcast in response to the pandemic in April 2020, and is now in Season Three with bi-weekly episodes - and a monthly bonus “We Know Vino” episode about wine. Tracy brings on co-hosts who are members of the business community and Maxine Tatlonghari, former co-host and local beauty blogger, heads up the episode’s “Beauty Spotlight”. The We Know WeHo podcast won the 2021 West Hollywood Creative Business Award for “Creative Communications”.

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