Maysky Classical Night for Refugees from Ukraine

The City of West Hollywood and the Russian Advisory Board are sponsoring Maysky Classical Night for Refugees from Ukraine, an event of beautiful classical music performed by world-renowned stars to raise funds for refugees from Ukraine.

The event starts at 5 p.m. Saturday and will be held at theWest Hollywood Library Council Chambers, 625 N. San Vicente Blvd. Validated parking is available at the five-story parking garage, using the entrance off of N. San Vicente Blvd.

The lineup of artists features Lilit Mardiyan (guitar), Alexander Boldachev (harp), Dimitry Olevsky (violin), Evgeny Tonkha (cello), Diana Volman (piano), Aleksander Slobodianik (piano), Philip Vaiman (violin), and your host Eugene Maysky.

The organizers have asked for a $10 donation from attendees. RSVP at

For more information, contact 323-848-6501 or email

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Cy Husain
11 days ago

Before throwing money to a cause that’s getting over $40 Billion of our tax dollars in a single disbursement when Pandemic and Homeless funding is nearly nonexistent, please know that West Ukraine is neonazi.😱 For over 8 years West Ukraine lead by the openly neonazi Azov Battalion has committed ethnic cleansing and outright genocide against minority groups in Ukraine, especially against the ethnically diverse East Ukraine that included West Ukraine killings of its LGBTQ+ activists. West Ukraine started this war committing atrocities and, East Ukraine is resisting oppression that deserves our support ❗ ✊🏽

Fake Toxic News Alert
Fake Toxic News Alert
11 days ago
Reply to  Cy Husain

Sound like you may be close to the edge.🥺😱

Classics Endure
Classics Endure
13 days ago

Sounds like a rare and uplifting event.

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