SATURDAY 11AM: Ruth Williams Memorial


Ruth Hanna Williams, longtime West Hollywood resident, Commissioner, and community activist passed on June 17, 2022.

As part of her last wishes, Ruth wanted to have a community gathering in West Hollywood where individuals could come pay their respects and join together to remember the impacts she made on their lives and the city.

Ruth is survived by her sons Steven & Richard Neubauer, Michael Forster and her grandchildren Jonathan & Lauren Neubauer and Jacob Forster. Funeral services will be held Friday, July 1 at Mount Sinai Cemetery.

This event is being planned in coordination and approval of Ruth’s family. It runs from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Plummer Park.

Facebook event page:

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1 year ago

And where are all the comments from her many friends.?

1 year ago

Ruth and I were forever neighbors who became good buddies during Covid .We laughed a great deal and cracked wise just as often. Discovered that in our younger days our families belong to the same groups and organizations – but not close geographically. It was enough for lots of laughter! I will miss her every single day. I always imagined if I ran away from place I would just go round the block, with the cat, and beg for a couch. Never happened, but it’s where I would have gone first. She was indescribably dear to me. And I know… Read more »

Alan Strasburg
Alan Strasburg
1 year ago

I regret that I will be away for the weekend and unable to attend and pay my respects to a true leader in West Hollywood. Ruth shared her passion, her diligence and her voice with this city for decades. My condolences to Ruth’s family, may they take comfort in the love of a community to which she devoted so much energy.

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