PHOTOS: Ruth Williams Memorial Service at Plummer Park


Family, friends and city leaders came out to Plummer Park on Saturday to honor the life of one of West Hollywood’s founders, Ruth Williams. Here are some of their dedications:

“I hope that’s what we can take from Ruth — to make the city the best it can be.” — Abbe Land, former WeHo Councilmember

“She was dedicated to the most in need and the most unfortunate in our community – Steve Martin, former WeHo Councilmember

“If Ruth was here right now, she would say refund the police. We need our sheriffs. Keep public safety strong.” — WEHOville publisher – Larry Block

I feel like we have lost part of our soul”. John Heilman, former WeHo council member.

Her legacy is all everywhere, you look at those programs for all in need – Los Angeles County Tax Assessor and Former WeHo council member Jeffrey Prang


Thank you for sharing your mother and grandmother with us all these years——-

She didn’t leave any stone unturned to defend this community.

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1 year ago

I did not go to the Mt. Sinai memorial. There was no Shiva to sit as far as I know and the Plummer Park gathering was VERY casual. I never was able to say goodbye to Ruth although we were in touch daily and close neighbors. I think Ruth deserved a far more respectful and dignified goodbye. Or a larger and crowded final rite. I think the City could have organized an event that could an still can; one that can show the honor and respect and love we had for her and that she had for the city. So… Read more »

Larry Block
1 year ago
Reply to  CHLOE ROSS

ask Steve Martin, he has her son’s phone. There was a very nice event in Plummer Park in Ruth’s honor.

1 year ago

Point of fact: Photo descriptions welcome.

1 year ago

Disappointing& discouraging presentation by the City in a tribute to Ruth Williams. Crude set up with not a pot of flowers in sight. People dressed as if they were on their way to the beach and stopped for a photo op. Disrespectful to Ruth Williams and her family but a showing of lack of respect by a minority of the attendees.

1 year ago
Reply to  Disrespectful

That was “lack of self respect by a majority of the attendees”

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