Floating step apartments taking shape on La Cienega

The five floors of a new apartment building on La Cienega just south of Sunset Blvd. will overhang one another, creating a series of floating steps.

Construction is well underway for the complex on 1136 La Cienega, which will house 23 apartments and two subterranean parking levels.

The stepped floors will feature terraced gardens for the residents and will be wrapped in recycled aluminum to control heat.

Four of the apartments will be set aside for affordable housing. No completion date has been given.

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1 day ago

When the “Artist Rendering” looks like a watercolor cartoon from the Jetsons, it’s going to be bad.

I like modern stuff – good stuff.

With all those floating boxes, if nothing else all residents will have to keep all doors & windows locked 24/7

It looks made for home invasion robberies.

Also, imagine people able to try to use all the flat rooftops as “their” outdoor space. Oi vay. The noise, smells (whatever, pot lingers on my block all the time) but bbq’s

Joe Bologna
Joe Bologna
6 days ago

Looks like giant Kleenex boxes stacked atop one another. I hope they’re two-ply.

No, Nay, Never
No, Nay, Never
5 days ago
Reply to  Joe Bologna

From Kleenex boxes to shipping container sardine cans devoid of any human element.

8 days ago

Living in a top-heavy building in an earthquake might be a little ….. unsettling!

No, Nay, Never
No, Nay, Never
8 days ago
Reply to  Gimmeabreak

But it looked good on paper to the planning commissioners that were not practical thinkers.

9 days ago

Although not mentioned, I believe this is the work of LOHA Lorcan O’ Herlihy. Architect.

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