WEHOville’s Voter Guidebook heads to print soon

At few points in WeHo’s history have elections been so important.

This November, WeHo residents have the unique opportunity to truly alter the course of their city.

Will voters side with the young candidates and the institutional changes they are devoted to? Or will they instead seek the steady hand of current and former city leaders?

WEHOville’s first Voter’s Guidebook will provide you with all you need to know about the 12 candidates running for City Council — who they are, what they believe and what kind of leaders they would be if elected.

The 32-page full-color magazine will also feature a rundown of the other crucial races WeHo residents will vote in — the County Sheriff and County Supervisor positions. The Voter’s Guidebook will be distributed freely to readers via mail and on newsstands at select locations.

For advertising opportunities, larry@wehoville.com or brandon@wehoville.com.

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5 months ago

You are outdoing yourself!

Andrew Solmssen
Andrew Solmssen
5 months ago

Can you make a PDF version available for download?

Way Too Critical
Way Too Critical
5 months ago

Great public service by Wehoville in emphasizing the grave importance of exercising our RIGHT to vote our convictions. Keep up the valiant work!!

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