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Recently I was quite flattered to have been asked for my endorsement by several candidates in the upcoming WeHo City Council election.

As much as I’d like to endorse any given candidate based upon past actions and words, I am far more concerned with the future of West Hollywood and what the candidates have to say about that.

Here are some of my concerns:

Vehicle Traffic

Ours is a linear city, streets run north/south, east/west with no discernable core area. A great deal of the traffic is just passing through. Delivery vans add to the array. Side streets are overwhelmed. Pedestrians, scooters and bikes vie for space on the sidewalks, regardless of rules. What can be done in the near term? What about the future?

City Growth

We are a resort city dependent upon revenue from our hotels, clubs, restaurants and retail shops as well certain fees and parking services (meters, etc.). Tell about your view of our relationship with these commercial residents and how that shapes the city.


Density is in the near future of all urban areas because it is the singular way we can better use our resources such as water and electric utilities with shorter, compact runs. Billionaires are calling for elite new cities in the deserts — hopeless ventures in a world of severe and ongoing climate change and an abandonment of reason. What do you believe WeHo will look like 20 years from now? Describe your understanding of “density”.

Housing equity

Is there room here for a true cross-section of our society from (based on income only) very upper class to working class, those who might labor in the hotels, etc.? Do you think we are becoming an “elite” city? Touch on “affordable housing”.

Public Safety

Define “public safety,” your ideas of policing and its role in the city. What about Block By Block ambassadors? How do you view our homeless population and its impact on daily life in the city? Did you know that Beverly Hills is re-installing sirens for public emergency alerts? What do you think the city owes its residents in the area of emergency preparation and management? Do you know what CERT is? Would you endorse a proposal for the city to actively support CERT?

Responses to these questions will drive my candidate endorsements.

Carleton Croni

Resident West Hollywood

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About Carleton Cronin
Carleton Cronin and his wife, Toby Ann, have lived in West Hollywood since 1974. They have raised four sons here, and Cronin has long been an astute observer of civic life. Carleton publishes the blog

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Lauren Meister
11 months ago

Carl, I have so appreciated your perspective on these important topics through the years and look forward to more conversations in the future. From CERT (you were my teacher!) to looking at what other cities are doing to deal with homelessness, housing, and traffic challenges, you have always been a mentor. Thank you for staying engaged.

Alan Strasburg
Alan Strasburg
11 months ago

Mr. Cronin has issued a call for all to rise above the hashtags, memes, soundbites and identity politics of who will be the first of this or the third of that. Let’s hear from candidates on real-life issues affecting residents of this city. There are already a few who have engaged beyond glossy (and environmentally offensive) mailers polluting our mailboxes, and one (Mayor Meister) who speaks on issues and takes stands at every meeting. I’m sick of the platitudes of the five-minute crowd (Byers and Wright) and the angst and division occasioned by Oliver’s vote FOR the PSC motion to… Read more »

Mental Illness Speak
Mental Illness Speak
11 months ago

Interesting practical issues however most of those “running” in place for city council are not concerned with the practical nuts and bolts of municipal government as they have not experienced factors beyond their thoughts of equity and how to even the playing field from their perspective of having been dealt a bad hand. Candidates put priorities on the homeless, unhoused and mentally ill and whether or not we the residents extend enough compassion towards them. Likewise denuding the sheriff in favor of ambassadors. These folks each have their own narrow special interest channels driven by how they feel victimized therefore… Read more »

Alan Strasburg
Alan Strasburg
11 months ago

Victimhood and martyrdom seem to the preferred method of governing for a crowd that never learned of fortitude and resilience. A childhood friend of mine lost her teenage son to cancer a few years ago; the death of ones child is unarguably the cruelest challenge the universe can inflict on anyone. Yesterday, my friend posted a meme on her social media that reads: “Every test in our life makes us bitter or better, every problem comes to us to break us or make us. The choice is ours whether we become VICTIM or VICTOR.” Perhaps the greatest social service our… Read more »

Mental Illness Speak
Mental Illness Speak
11 months ago
Reply to  Alan Strasburg

Thank you Alan, valuable points. Problem solving is a skill best learned while young. At the age of four I was evidently complaining about something to my father who said: “ the complaint department is closed for the day”. Rather than wanting to provide easy answers he encouraged me to think about and return with a solution(s) upon which he would advise me. It taught ownership and ingenuity and gave me confidence to own my own issues and perhaps ask advise from others that might help. Lifelong tools for every personal and business situation. Another statement from Winston Churchill: “Success… Read more »

Alan Strasburg
Alan Strasburg
11 months ago

Thank you! Character matters!

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