Dior collabs with Eli Russell Linetz on Melrose popup store and restaurant

The collaborative fashion collection between Dior and California designer Eli Russell Linetz now has a popup storefront.

Dior X ERL opened its doors this week on the corner of Melrose Ave. and La Jolla to feature the designer streetware. The industrial, synthwave-y space is bathed in baby blues, from the mannequins to the full-size 1950s convertibles dotting the landscape.

The store’s showpiece is a series of edgy sweaters, but Dior X ERL also carries handbags, skater sneakers, a host of funky accessories.

Along for the one-month ride is a companion restaurant which serves a free (!) lunch of citrus salad, tomatoes caviar, lobster and doughnuts. 

Eli Russell Linnetz is the designer behind ERL. He has collaborated with Ye and Lada Gagy in the past and most recently worked with Kim Jones on Dior’s menswear resort collection in May 2022.

Dior X ERL is open daily through Feb. 12.

Eli Russell Linetz
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David Abrams
David Abrams
2 months ago

Very cool!

Jim Nasium
Jim Nasium
2 months ago

Thank goodness it’s not a Supreme

Overpriced Ghetto Gear
Overpriced Ghetto Gear
2 months ago

Another venue for opportunistic, cheap, overpriced ghetto gear with a designer label.

WeHo Mary!
WeHo Mary!
2 months ago

Designed by over privileged white boys. Sadly, many queens will fork out cash they don’t have for this.

Last edited 2 months ago by WeHo Mary!
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