La Bohème named one of America’s most romantic restaurants


West Hollywood’s La Bohème has been named one of America’s most romantic restaurants by The designations were awarded based on 13 million user reviews on the site.

La Boheme was founded by Japanese chef and CEO of Global Dining Inc. Kozo Kasegawa, who has operated the establishment ever since.

Eddie Lin of Deep End Dining describes its romantic qualities thusly:

My notion of romance was embodied in the setting that La Bohème offered: Valentine’s Day red hues covered the walls, candlelit tables draped with white tablecloth, a breathtaking grand dining room and the semi-private seating on the upper-level balcony, al fresco dining on a patio twinkling with a constellation of fairy lights, and, La Bohème’s signature piece, a spectacular, crystal chandelier suspended at the center of the room. La Bohème was the most romantic place in town. Even if I didn’t get the girl to fall in love with me, at least I lived a lavish fantasy for one night.

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1 year ago

Many, many years ago La Boheme was “The Posh Bagel”. When it was sold and became a romantic French restaurant; it was something I had not noticed. Driving past one day, with a BF, I noticed it had a new name and said, “oh look; the Posh Bagel changed it name”. The reply..”oh that’s French for the same thing- I thought you spoke French”. Many years later it is the first thought I have when I go by and I always grin!

1 year ago

I can totally see why Open Table gave them this honor. We’ve been going there for years. Their creative approach during the “dark days” of the pandemic certainly has fueled their revival. The ambience, the food, the staff are what keeps us going back for date night, special occasions and just a drop by for a chat with the amazing staff. Well done I’m so happy to hear this well deserved rating.

1 year ago

It’s so great seeing La Boheme thriving again. During the 90s, it was a magical and bustling scene, but menu changes led to its decline before its well-deserved rebound during Covid. They’ve worked hard to reclaim their place and it seems to be paying off nicely.

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