Melrose Gathering Space final plan presentation

The final art plan for the “Melrose Gathering Space” at Melrose Avenue and Norwich Drive will be presented to the Urban Art Committee today at 5 p.m. at the Plummer Park Community Center, Rooms 5 and 6.

As part of the “Weaver’s Walk” project, the space will be transformed from a sidewalk and diagonal parking into a park-like space with landscaping, trees, seating, public art, and other amenities. The project is currently in the design phase, with construction expected to begin in Q1 of 2023 and be completed in Q3 of 2023.

The new public space will feature large specimen oak trees, pollinator-friendly landscape areas designed by Pamela Burton & Company, and a newly commissioned artwork by Los Angeles-based artist Karon Davis entitled “Before Picasso.” The primary circulation path weaves through the landscaped areas and features graphic patterning typical to West African Guro cloth textiles. An ADA-accessible permeable path sweeps through the pollinator gardens, creating an intimate garden experience that includes seating in the form of both boulders and custom benches.

The project is a result of renewed input from the local community and a new design team. The community has identified key design objectives and opportunities, including a park-like space with planted areas and ample shade trees, a space for passive uses such as reading and conversing, a shaded, pedestrian-friendly area for a relaxing stroll, natural, tactile materials that calm foot traffic, landscape elements that enhance pedestrian safety, natural and sculptural seating, art that is thoughtfully integrated into a garden-like space, and indirect lighting where possible.

The City of West Hollywood is inviting the local community to participate in design updates and provide additional feedback at the Arts and Cultural Affairs Commission Meeting on Thursday, March 23, 2023.

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Geoffrey Buck
Geoffrey Buck
7 days ago

Great idea. Let’s see more of this on Santa Monica Boulevard.

Breath of Fresh Air
Breath of Fresh Air
5 days ago
Reply to  Geoffrey Buck

How would you like to see this executed on SMB?

Steve Too
Steve Too
2 days ago
Reply to  Geoffrey Buck

Um yeah – let’s make it totally impossible to drive in West Hollywood. With planned modifications or road diets on Melrose and Fountain, Santa Monica Blvd (and Sunset to a lesser degree) are the only east/west thoroughfares left. Making the streets work for all includes safe moving vehicular traffic.

11 days ago


Breath of Fresh Air
Breath of Fresh Air
13 days ago

Looks promising! Far better than the shards of a demolished museum laying about as some type of “art form”. It seems a small miracle that we have an installation with recognizable landscaping ingredients rather than hyped quasi installations.

14 days ago

Looks very nice.

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