Only 6 complaints about cannabis dispensaries in past year, and all were at The Woods

There are 10 cannabis businesses operating in West Hollywood, and as far as complaints go, nine have squeaky-clean records.

All of the mere six complaints lodged since July 1 of last year have been directed at The Woods, according to a report City Hall prepared for the Business License Commission.

Five of the six complaints were regarding loud music. Only one, a report on Jan. 14, of patrons using the parking lot next door to “smoke weed in an around their cars,” resulted in a temporary closure.

Business AddressLicense CategoryNumber of ComplaintsComplaintsDisposition
The Artist Tree 8625 Santa Monica Blvd.Cannabis Consumption (Edibles), Adult-Use Retail, Medical, DeliveryNoneN/AN/A
1155 N. La Brea Avenue
Adult-Use Retail and DeliveryNoneN/AN/A
J & P Consulting LLC (The Woods) 8271 Santa Monica Blvd.Adult-Use Retail, Consumption (Edibles) and Delivery61. 12/06/2022 at 7:09 PM – Loud Music

2. 01/05/2023 at 1:50 PM – Loud Music

3. 01/07/2023 at 2:57 AM – Loud Music

4. 01/14/2023 at 5:41 PM – The Woods patrons use the next-door parking lot and “smoking weed in and around their cars”

5. 01/29/2023 at 1:00 AM – Loud Music

6. 02/19/2023 at 12:34 AM – Loud Music
No Violation for cases 1-3 and 5-6; Business Closed for case 4
Zen WeHo
8464 Santa Monica Blvd.
Adult-Use Retail, Medical and DeliveryNoneN/AN/A
MedMen WeHo 8208 Santa Monica Blvd.Legacy MedicalNoneN/AN/A
Ovest, LLC
7213 Santa Monica Blvd.
Adult-Use RetailNoneN/AN/A
7828 Santa Monica Blvd.
Legacy MedicalNoneN/AN/A
8489 Sunset Cannabis Retail
8477 W Sunset Blvd. *

Adult-use Retail
7213 Santa Monica Blvd. *

*West Hollywood dispensaries URBN Leaf and LAPCG were not mentioned in the city’s report to the commission for reasons unknown.

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Jay Handal
Jay Handal
1 month ago

For the record, the article states that one of the complaints caused a temporary closure. This is blatantly incorrect. What the staff report said was code enforcement came out to check on the complaint and the business was closed. That means it was end of day, and there was no business being transacted. It does not mean the business was shut down by the city. Please read the staff report and correct your article. This is bad journalism.

1 month ago

You left out half the story… at the City hearing last week, WeHo reps said each complaint was investigated and found to be false. The complaint about the parking lot was completely bogus, as the lot does not belong to the Woods and has nothing to do with them. Furthermore, there was no proof the smokers were patrons of the Woods. Why smoke in a parking lot when they could be in a gorgeous garden?

Smells Skunky
Smells Skunky
1 month ago
Reply to  Michael

The complaint was not in fact bogus. I’ve personally walked by and heard their music blaring out into the street and seen patrons from The Woods buy weed and then go to their cars next door in the Akuma parking lot and smoke it. While the lot may not belong to The Woods, it has everything to do with them if their customers are not abiding by the law. Once the City receives a complaint, they go investigate it hours (or days) later so of course they didn’t find those same people smoking weed in the parking lot – doesn’t… Read more »

1 month ago

LOL yes that “Lets celebrate Diversity!” theory isn’t quite the orgy you think it is, now is it??

1 month ago

Wait, who do we complain to? I can make about 3 legit complaints a day about Calma without even trying.

Jimmy palmieri
Jimmy palmieri
1 month ago

Why did you leave out lapcg at 7265 Santa monica blvd.?

Mick Remington
Mick Remington
1 month ago


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