Dear WEHOvillers

We are excited to share some updates on your community platform and express our gratitude for your patience over the past two weeks. Our aim is always to improve, and with that, I am thrilled to announce the introduction of the WEHOville Editorial Advisory Board.

The WEHOville Editorial Advisory Board will offer ideas, set parameters, and have the ability to flag inappropriate comments, as well as provide input on questionable content. We extend our thanks to Dillion Hosier, President of ICAN, the Israeli-American Civic Action Network, for bringing this idea forward. We have been in contact with several former city council members, commissioners, and fair-minded residents to help us progress and eliminate any perceptions of bias. This platform is open to everyone.

WEHOville does not approach news with an ideology. It is a side hustle, with one editor, Brandon Garcia, and numerous community contributors. Our content covers a range of local news, politics, business, and opinion pieces. Our sole agenda is to include the entire community. I am glad to share my thoughts, and you are welcome to share yours. Those who wish to participate can submit an OpEd on any subject or write a Dear WeHo letter on topics relevant to West Hollywood. Please send those directly to the editor, Brandon Garcia, at

In terms of the comment section, we have established some rules:
a) No personal attacks. The comment section is for sharing input on the subject matter.
b) Avoid badgering other commenters about their points of view.
c) Limit the inclusion of links that may contain viruses.

Lastly, we appreciate your patience while navigating the platform over the past two weeks. In case you missed it, we have migrated our publishing platform and implemented artificial intelligence programming. Brannon, who should not be confused with editor Brandon, has been testing and fine-tuning how ads are delivered.

As we enter a new phase, let’s embrace the fun that lies ahead. The challenging days are now behind us. I extend my sincere gratitude to Brandon for steering the ship while I enjoy contributing and encouraging all of you to share your thoughts and ideas.

Thank you, Brandon, Nick, David, Linda, Renee, MJ, Brannon, Jerome, and all of you who share your voices on these pages. Whether it’s our city council or the over 100,000 readers per month, they are listening.

Thank you,

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6 days ago

Glad the transition was successful!

May I ask why some people are commenting under 3 different usernames on 1 article? “Ham Shipey”, “Mick Remington”, “Pete Strohl”…it’s all the same person. And they do this to try and make their anti-LGBT stances seem stronger. It’s disgusting.

Eastside Straight Girl
Eastside Straight Girl
6 days ago

I really loved WeHoville prior to these nutty google ads. I understand that the paper needs to make money but it seems that between all the spam email, text messages, and now this over the top spam ads, I am spending too much time deleting, unsubscribing, & now on this platform, constantly sending the feedback: “not interested in this ad.” I go on here to relax & update myself about the city for which I live in, not to fight with AI ads that are pushing the envelope way past my comfort zone. It has definitely made me say to… Read more »

Smells Skunky
Smells Skunky
6 days ago

We appreciate you, Larry & Brandon. And while we understand a need to make a profit, the new ad format is incredibly distracting and annoying. It has made me come to your site less and less. The new ads are reminiscent of spam and there are just way too many. Perhaps you could look at affiliate links instead or maybe local businesses and restaurants would pay for a write up in Wehoville (and offer readers an exclusive discount). If your site isn’t user friendly, you’re already decreasing your potential profit exponentially.

6 days ago


6 days ago

“(c) Limit the inclusion of links that may contain viruses”…..???

How about all the ads that pop up all over the place and all the Xs we have to hit to reveal the actual article?

Ad Crazy
Ad Crazy
6 days ago
Reply to  Manny

It seems much more pervasive on a smart phone than laptop. Why is that? With full appreciation for daily costs.

The Real Zam
4 days ago
Reply to  Ad Crazy

The layout isn’t optimized for mobile, especially with the new ads. If there is any mobile optimization, it is painfully out of date.The ad providers will pick up a mobile device and attempt to adjust for it, but the site still asks for ads of a specific resolution and the networks must honor them. The site’s template also doesn’t take into account requests for dark mode, so that is also a migraine inducing issue. Ads also deselect text boxes when they refresh. Although, the reality is that a lot of smaller sites have these issues. Look at The Advocate and… Read more »

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